Back to the grind

Didn’t get a chance to post on the last day of the BPS. We had to check-out at noon while many of the posters I wanted to see were scheduled that morning, which made the morning quite hectic.

My poster session on Tuesday went well. Met with fellow blogger Christopher Lockhart who had his poster at the same time. I received a lot of very good suggestions from people who spoke to me, and I am extremely grateful to everyone who did. This is what I look forward to the most at BPS meetings: the opportunity to present my work and getting feedback from the top scientists. Presenting the work in an organized manner is an extremely important component of what we do, and the feedbacks are invaluable for improving current research and planning future work.

Had dinner at the Acme Oyster House on Tuesday. I love to try out new food, and this time it was oyster. I wish I had had oyster before, because it was really good! Another nice discovery for me in this trip was Po-boy. This Louisiana sandwich had been my steady meal for a major part of the trip.

Back in the snow and chilling weather of West Virginia, and already missing the New Orleans weather. Like everyone else, I am eagerly waiting for San Francisco 2018. Hope to see everyone there.


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