Don’t fret over not getting that “One Quick Question”

One last thought as we come to the close of this year’s Biophysical society meeting.  Not to be too negative but how many of us have been a bit bummed by not being the person asking the presenters that crucial “quick question” in the few minutes after a talk?  It’s difficult, when there’s so much good science to balance speaker’s time with time for responses from the audience.  I’d also say we should give a round of applause to all of the symposium organizers for doing an excellent job putting together the programs for this year.  I wonder though if there’s a benefit to changing the culture of the talk schedule a bit.

Often times the Subgroups will organize dinners in order to allow people to get to know the presents and the people in that field a little bit better.  I’m thinking it might be interesting to have a short 15-30 minute meeting after each symposium in order to allow people time to speak to the presenters one-on-one and to exchange contact information.  If you aren’t reaching out to people already I encourage you to do so but attending Subgroup dinners and by trying to catch people after their talks.  It might just lower the energy barrier a little bit, however, to be able to have a quick refreshment session to encourage a cultural change from everyone rushing out of the session after all of the talks are finished.  Though I will say, the poster sessions are a great time for this as well!

Overall I hope you had a good time at Biophys!  I hope we all consider how to spread the news about Biophysics and try to answer as many “quick questions” as we get throughout the next year!




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