Bringing the Future of Biophysics to Everyone

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not an expert in the areas of Diffuse X-ray Scattering Crystallography,  Single Molecule Imaging, or He-Ion Scanning Microscopy.  That, however, is the exact reason I love to go to symposium like the one this after noon: the Future of Biophysics.  Even without being an expert I can learn about the interesting work of Dr. Ando with her Lysozyme “Deathstars” and how it highlights the value of diffuse vs Bragg scatting methods.  I can see how Dr. Gahlmann’s double helix point density functions are important for explaining single molecules diffusion within bacterial cells.  Furthermore I can see the images Dr. Iachina creates using He-Ion Scanning to understand the structure-property relationships in spider silk.  I know many of you feel the same way: we love to learn about new things that are outside of our area of expertise.

This got me thinking too: people outside of the conference would probably love to hear about cutting-edge Biophysical research as well.  Why don’t we become like proud parents of our work; sharing pictures of our data from our wallets with anyone who’s interested?  Just as I’m not an expert in any of the fields I mentioned above, yet can still make connections to what I understand, so too can people in the general public.  If you’re reading this I’d ask you to please take some time today, tomorrow, and in the future, to join me in bringing our field out of the confines of convention centers and to everyone.  Spend some time spinning a yarn about spider silk at a cafe perhaps!




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