Back for a third time!

It’s down to hours now! Me along with my group members would be in New Orleans this time tomorrow. Great opportunity to meet with scientists working in a wide variety of areas and discuss all the exciting new research, while trying out the local food (something I always love to do). As a plus, I get to avoid the West Virginia winter for 5 days. This would be my third BPS annual meeting, and I am as excited as I was the first time.

Talking of first time, finding your way through the BPS could be really challenging  if you are a first-timer. Not making an itinerary for the meeting is a mistake you definitely want to avoid. With so many sessions going on, chances are that you would be rushing from one session to the other, and it’s worthwhile to keep a note of where the next one is. In a previous post, Ariane has talked about the Desktop Planner, which is indeed a useful resource. So is the mobile app.

I work with molecular dynamics simulation of peptides and lipids. Already cannot wait to attend some of the really cool computational biophysics platforms. My own poster session is scheduled on Tuesday, at poster board B536. If you are interested to know about a novel cancer-targeting agent, feel free to drop by.

Before signing off, I would wish everyone a happy and productive BPS!


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