Are you ready for BPS17?

My preparation for BPS17 started since August last year. I’ve been working with molecular dynamics simulations during my PhD, and decided to look for a postdoc position to work with simulation of ions channels or membrane proteins. I read some articles from different authors in the field and chose the PIs whose works interests me the most. I contacted them on the beginning of January and scheduled some interviews for BPS17.
Moreover, I have been working on my presentation for BPS17 since the beginning of January. I was selected to present in a platform session, which allots 15 minutes for presentation and discussion. Making a presentation for such a short time is tricky for me, because the talk may contain only the most important information of the work and, at the same time, it must show a compelling story.
Now I just need to pack my case for the winter in New Orleans and look at the Desktop Planner and choose the lectures I will attend.
If you haven’t looked at the Desktop Planner, I strongly suggest you to do so, because there are many interesting lectures happening at the same time. And if you are in the end of you PhD like me and planning to apply for a postdoc position or a job in industry, take a look at the workshops of the Career Development Center. They are covering a range of topics, from networking to career options beyond the bench.

See you in New Orleans!


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