Jet lagged but excited about the Liposome, exosome, and virosome thematic meeting

My fellow guest blogger, Andrea Catte did a fantastic job introducing himself and his career. Instead of telling you about myself; you can read my profile from Biophysics week.



View of Ascona from the meeting hotel

I am very excited about this thematic meeting as I am relatively new in the exosome field. The program has an incredible list of speakers and the meeting is in a beautiful, remote location that will allow us to really get to know a lot of Biophysicists. I already met some very nice people at the Locarno train station, the shuttle drive, and at the remote hotel site. The manager drove me through the curvy, steep, roads on his jeep!

I left Rochester, MN on Saturday at 11:30 AM, Central Time. I arrived to Monte Verita, Ascona at 4:15 PM, central European Time. Andrea and I will share the highlights of the meeting throughout the week.

Marina Ramirez-Alvarado


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