An Interview with Ayyalusamy Ramamoorthy

BJ: How did you compose the image on the July 12 issue of Biophysical Journal?

AR: We used Visual Molecular Dynamics software ( and the program Persistence of Vision Raytracer ( to create the image.BPJ_111_1.c1.indd

BJ: How does this image reflect your scientific research?

AR: This image represents our molecular vision of the role of cholesterol in amylin-mediated membrane damage.

BJ: Can you please provide a real-world example of how your research might be applied?

AR: Is hypercholesterolemia related to an increased risk to develop type 2 diabetes? The main goal of our research is to provide a molecular framework for the relationship between diet and lifestyle and proteinopathies.

BJ: How does your research apply to those who are not working in your specific field?

AR: Clinicians will find this study to be useful to gain insights into the molecular mechanisms underlying type 2 diabetes development. In particular, this may help them to better correlate symptoms with lifestyle.

BJ: Do you have a website where our readers can view your recent research?

AR: and,

– Michele Sciacca, Fabio Lolicato, Giacomo Di Mauro, Danilo Milardi, Luisa D’Urso, Cristina Satriano, Carmelo La Rosa, Ayyalusamy Ramamoorthy


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