Interview with Dr. Raz Jelinek

BPJ_110_9.c1.inddBJ: How did you compose the cover image for Biophysical Journal 110/9?

RJ: The image is designed to highlight the thrust of our paper; the C-dot-phospholipid conjugates are seamlessly embedded within the lipid bilayer “carpet” representing the cell membrane.  The fluorescence of the protruding C-dots (green spheres) , constituting the core property of the C-dots and the primary analytical tool, is represented by the “hallows” around the spheres.

BJ: How does this image reflect your scientific research?

RJ: We are deeply interested in cellular membranes, and have been active over the years trying to decipher fundamental structural and functional properties of membranes, primarily as related to their lipid bilayer scaffolding.   The image reflects the research presented in the paper—development of a new analytical platform for studying membranes and membrane processes.

BJ: Can you please provide a few real-world examples of your research?

RJ: An important research program in my lab focuses on the relationship between membranes and amyloid diseases, particularly Alzheimer’s disease.  While amyloid diseases are incurable, there is a growing evidence for the intimate roles of cellular membranes in the onset and pathogenicity of the diseases.  We aim to elucidate these putative relationships and assess the relevance of membrane interactions toward development of therapeutic treatments.

BJ: How does your research apply to those who are not working in your specific field?

RJ: We believe that introduction of new tools for imaging membranes and analysis of membrane dynamics could aid research efforts of scientists in other disciplines, including biologists, biochemists, and bioengineers.

BJ: Do you have a website where our readers can view your recent research?


– Sukhendu Nandi, Ravit Malishev, Susanta Bhunia, Sofiya Kolusheva, Jurgen Jopp, Raz Jelinek


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