Why Didn’t Bobbi Win a BPS Award?

You pick up the newsletter announcing the society awards, or as the awardees are recognized at the annual meeting, you think, why hasn’t “Josephine” or “Heinrich” been recognized with that award?  They should be up there…or that should be there picture on the front cover of the newsletter.  Chances are excellent that your candidate of choice may very well be eligible for the award, but nobody nominated them.

The Society Awards and Fellows program recognizes outstanding scientists for their contributions to the field in several categories. Working in science, you know these awards are a wonderful thing to have on a CV and can be of assistance in helping an individual advance in their careers. Or a chance to provide recognition for work done in education, outreach, or on behalf of the Society, that is not always given much attention in regular academic channels.  But the awards and fellows program is only as strong as the membership’s involvement in the process.

This is where you come in.  Don’t assume that someone else will nominate the person you have in mind. Take the initiative to submit the nomination yourself.  The awards, eligibility requirements, and nomination information are available on the BPS website.

You still have a week (deadline May 1)  to make a case for an amazing biophysicist to be on the stage at the BPS 2017 Annual Meeting, earning wide recognition for their contributions.


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