Wrapping up Biophysical

Agila Somasundaram photoMusings as the meeting comes to an end.

I presented my poster on Tuesday. I was happy that it was received well. I obtained good feedback, and suggestions for interesting experiments and unique approaches to data analysis. I didn’t have much time to stop by all the posters that I wanted to look at. I guess there’s only so much one can do at a conference!

I ventured out with a few fellow BPS attendees the other day. We were talking about Los Angeles. I didn’t get a chance to explore much, but my long bus rides to and fro the convention center gave me a good glimpse of the city. Here are some things that stood out: diversity in culture and socioeconomic status; the weather – can’t beat the sunny skies, and a cool 60 – 70 F; Mexican food – yummy guacamole; and lyrical Spanish – I could live here and master my Espańol! The appearance and culture of LA reminded me of certain Indian cities, only it is not as populated. One of the attendees, having grown up in LA, said that he loves the city for all it has to offer. It’s a growing and open city, he remarked, with a developing Metro that he thinks will be as good as Chicago’s EL someday! It’s a city for creative people, he says, that provides great opportunities for exploration and growth. Most cities are Gaussian curves, with clear central peaks (Yay to us nerds!!), but LA is more of a rugged landscape, and efforts are underway to develop the central hub. He says LA may not be a great for tourism, but it’s great for living – you need to live in and fall in love with LA! I can’t attest to the factual accuracy of his statements – he says he is biased – but his love for the city was quite obvious!

As for the highlight of the conference, the Science of Hollywood session certainly takes the cake! But I also had a bit of an awakening. I ran into an old friend of mine from undergrad who I haven’t seen in a decade. Catching up and reminiscing about the past took me back to my roots, and I felt like I reconnected with a big part of my identity.

I’m back in DC now. It’s 40 F. It will take some readjusting. But life goes on!


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