Hermosa Beach musings

I can’t believe the one day I take to go to the beach, it’s not sunny.

I’m sitting at a quaint cafe on Hermosa Beach pier, attempting to get caught up on some work I’ve neglected all weekend. My plan was to spend today soaking up the sun on the beach, ignoring the world and feeling the sand between my toes. I’ve been looking forward to this all weekend! Unfortunately, it’s cloudy and 65 degrees out. I chose my day poorly.

Not all is lost though, as I’m getting a feel of the beach community anyways, and avoiding the sunburn that would have inevitably happened. Despite it being a chilly weekday, the pier and nearby shops are bustling with all sorts of people. From very obvious tourists, to locals just relaxing, the scene is definitely what I’d expect from California.

There are tiny dogs everywhere. Big ones too, but no one seems to like medium sized dogs. I have seen so many people on bikes, I’ve lost count. Parents are walking their children in strollers, stopping at the makeshift farmer’s market that seems to be as permanent as the brick-and-mortar buildings around it. Of course, all of the fruits and flowers being sold are “organic” and “naturally-grown”. *eye roll*

Hermosa Beach is even complete with its true-to-LA crowd of misfits, rolling around on their too-small bikes and skateboards, wearing-oversized clothing and louding sharing their music with anyone near.  These people would make me feel like I’m time-traveling, if their speakers weren’t so tiny as compared to the traveling boomboxes fad of the 90s.

The palm trees that speckle the sidewalks are strung with lights, and the pigeons are oh-so-brave. Someone from an above-restaurant apartment hung their shoes out their window to dry. The sand volleyball courts attract people for a quick mid-day game, despite the weather.

The pace of life is slow out here compared to downtown, everyone is leisurely strolling, no one in a rush. The buildings are charming and the people friendly. I can see the appeal of the beach community.

Now, I just wish I could see more than a quarter mile off shore.


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