Two days in one post

Couldn’t post yesterday. It was a long day that started with preparing for my poster in the afternoon and ended with actually presenting the poster. This year I was less apprehensive, and had more people speak to me (probably unrelated events). My work is in the area of molecular dynamics simulation of lipid-peptide systems. Got some extremely helpful suggestions from experts in this area, something that shall immensely help my future research.

I did manage some time yesterday to check out the Lumicks booth. They are demonstrating two single-molecule techniques, namely, correlative tweezer fluorescence microscope and acoustic force spectroscope. The demonstrations were extremely fascinating and I am sure these instruments shall be useful to many biophysicists.

Today’s tone was slightly different. I spent most of my time at the career center. If you are interested in a job in the industry, I would strongly encourage you to take advantage of these sessions. In today’s morning session, Joe Tringali spoke about questions that are typically asked in an interview, and what they really mean. In the afternoon session, he went over the do’s and don’t s of preparing a CV/resume. Both of these presentations had a few common themes, which I am trying to highlight here.

  • One of the biggest concerns of the prospective employers is whether or not you understand what you are committing yourself for. The last thing they need is a candidate leave after six months because s/he doesn’t like the environment. Whether you are preparing your resume or answering an interview question, you would have to address this concern.
  • How well do your skills match the job that you are applying for? The hiring managers care less about your publication record and more about whether you are a good candidate for the job being discussed. A successful resume/interview should resolve this in the “about me” section.
  • Consistency is the key! What you write in the resume should be consistent with what you say during interview. Likewise, your future goals should be consistent with those of the company’s. You need to be able justify how you would help the company grow.


With that, I shall sign off for the day. See you all tomorrow.


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