Multimodal transport and the international dateline

Using a combination of tuk-tuk, taxis, trains and a flight across the majestic Pacific Ocean, I landed from Pune my start point, in Los Angeles, the city of angels (en español). The journey in bits had its hiccup- delayed flights and results. Trying tomale some fresh analyses presentable for the poster, meant pushing myself and my students into a frenzy. In the end, we agreed that it would have to go next time with them.

The title of our poster is collective transport of microtubules- and ‘problems of the masses’ at the nanometer scale. Throughout my journey I have taken- by choice and necessity (read budget cuts)- public, mass transport. And it has engaged me in my ~17 hours of flying time that the similarities between the molecules and the modes of transport, are not a coincidence. Studies of the statistics of transport processes at the molecular scale (typically gases), have been applied to transport at our macroscopic scale. Ideas of mean flow rates and phase transitions with densities have been shown in simple models to work for traffic as for molecules. But that is getting us a bit further into econophysics. Whereas Biophysics is what we are here for.

So from Pune via Bombay to Los Angeles, and a 180 degree longitude crossing, with the hope of some scintillating ‘collective’ and ’emergent’ effects of ideas, I begin (my) day one of the BPS60!


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