Subgroup Saturday and other events

HannaBarriga photoBPS16 has now officially started with scientists flocking to the conference centre from all directions – we could spot the name badges and poster tubes on our walk in this morning. I had a great time at Subgroup Saturday yesterday which is when specialist subgroups within the Biophysical Society hold their own meetings. They are traditionally smaller than the main sessions during the conference and a great way to meet other scientists in your field as everyone is in the same room together. I particularly enjoyed the Mechanobiology subgroup and spent most of my time there.  The BPS360 app has been really useful for planning my time – it even notifies me just before a session starts. If you’ve not discovered it yet I would really recommend it.

One of things I’ve enjoyed most so far has been bumping into lots of collaborators and catching up with other researchers I haven’t seen in a while. We even managed a few beers together at the end of the day despite the jet lag. If you’re looking for views of LA there is a rooftop bar at Ace hotel with great views (although very expensive beer).

In other news, tonight is Oscars night. It’s really exciting to be in LA at the same time, although I’ll actually miss all the action as I’m planning to be at the Biomaterials and Biosurfaces session. I did however manage to go and see all of the set up on Friday when I arrived – the red carpet was already there albeit covered in plastic and you could walk right into the theatre and admire the massive Oscars statues – not something you get to do every day! I’m always fascinated by how much science actually goes into film production so I’m really looking forward to ‘The Science of Hollywood’ talk tomorrow (2.30pm, Rm 403A).

Time to sign off now and get back to the conference – I’m at the poster session this afternoon (Membrane Structure I at 1:45 in the Great Hall LB43) so please come past and say hi!


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