Oh the possibilities!

Well, here I am, the LA Convention Center. And, I hate to say it folks, I think one can drink too much coffee. I’ve been so excited (and up since 5a, which I didn’t even know exists), that I’ve been constantly caffeinating since 6a. Between the coffee, the meeting and the sun, I’m definitely overstimulated. Hi, I’m from Seattle! Yes, the sun will be a topic of conversation for me all weekend.

To kick off my conference, I ducked into a permeation and transport talk. Then headed to the career center for some needed advice on networking. I haven’t been to biophysical before, so I’m new at this! I tweeted some of the best stuff from there. To sum it up: don’t be afraid to start a dialogue with an individual, even if it’s a cold call. Most people will give you 10 minutes of their time.

I find myself constantly going through the schedule, trying to see where I want to go next, or if my plan has changed from what I set. There’s so much to do, so many people to talk to, and an incredible amount to absorb. I hope my PI is ok with a nap when I get back to the lab on Thursday…

I’m starting to get hungry. We’ll see where the hunger takes me, but someone suggested finding craft breweries. That sounds like a great idea. Or maybe I’ll go catch a Kings game. They’re only in town tonight. But first, the opening mixer! Time to test how social I actually am against how social I want to be. Despite my cheery message here, I’m actually kind of nervous to meet everyone.

I’m so excited to talk about everything science related. I’m most excited for the mixers, the career center, and of course, writing for all of you. Please don’t hesitate to find me, or follow me, or cold call me. I’d love to chat.

Good luck, have fun, and stay social, my friends!


One thought on “Oh the possibilities!

  1. Hi Teresa! Great article. Cannot agree more on the “don’t be afraid to start a dialogue” part. This is my second BPS meeting, so while I am no longer a novice, I am not an expert either. However, it is amazing how much people are willing to talk to you once you get the conversation started.

    Hope you have a great time at the meeting!

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