BPS Travel Awards: Everything You Need to Know

Less than a month remains before the abstract and travel award deadlines for the Biophysical Society’s 60th Annual Meeting, being held in Los Angeles, California, February 27- March 2, 2016. If you are a student, postdoc, early or mid-career scientist looking for a little extra funding to attend the Annual Meeting, be sure to apply Biophysical_0956(2-8-15)for a BPS Travel Award. Check out the FAQ below to learn more about the application process.

What is the Travel Award application deadline?

October 5. Remember: You MUST submit an abstract by October 1 in order to be eligible for a Travel Award.

Can I submit any part of my application late?

No. ALL parts of your application are due by the October 5 deadline – including your letters of recommendation! Start asking your advisers for references now, and be sure to read each award’s description so you know exactly what is required.

I think I’m qualified for more than one award. Can I apply for multiple awards?

Yes, you can apply for multiple travel awards, as many as you are eligible for. However, you can only be selected to WIN one award.

 Oops! I forgot to submit my abstract by October 1. But I am going to submit a late abstract! Can I still apply for a Travel Award?

No. Only abstracts submitted by the regular deadline (October 1) will be eligible for a Travel Award._D614733I am a co-author on an abstract, but not a presenting author. Can I apply for a Travel Award?

In most cases, no. For all Education, CID, and International awards, you MUST be a presenting author on the abstract. If you are not a presenting author, your abstract will be marked as ineligible. This also applies to CPOW awards for postdocs. For the mid-career CPOW award and the Bridging Funds, you must be a co-author or presenting author on a submitted abstract.

When will I find out if I won?

You will be notified on the outcome of your application via email by November 23. Be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see the email.

My adviser would rather send the letter of recommendation directly to you. Where exactly should he/she send it?

Letters of recommendation can be emailed to lphelan@biophysics.org. All letters must be received by the October 3 deadline.Biophysical_0990(2-8-15)

 I am not a US citizen, but I am still a minority researching in the US. Why can’t I apply for the CID Travel Award?

Because the CID Travel Awards are funded by an NIH grant, only US citizens or permanent US residents are eligible. Be sure to check out the Education or CPOW awards to see if you qualify.

I am currently a graduate student. However, by the time of the Annual Meeting I will be a postdoc. What award should I apply for?

You should apply for the awards that fits your career level as of October 5. In your case, you must apply as a graduate student.

I am no longer a student or a postdoc. Am I eligible for a Travel Award?

CID, CPOW, International Relations Committee travel awards and Bridging Funds are available for junior, senior, and/or mid-career scientists. Please check eligibility requirements online to see if you qualify for any of these awards.

Have additional questions? Please contact the Society Office at (240)-290-5600 or lphelan@biophysics.org.


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