Biophysicists Share Their Science in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic Networking Event, which took place on June 12, was the first event BPS-supported event to take place in the area. Hosted at the Institute of Photonics and Electronics, The Czech Academy of Sciences, the conference had over 30 participants, including professionals, graduate students and undergrads from the local area. One of the organizers, Michal Cifra, wrapped it up for our blog readers below!

Czech Republic 1The one day event was primarily aimed to facilitate networking in the region of Czech Republic where several high quality molecular biophysics groups in different research institutions are based. These groups did not have much opportunity to interact locally to fully cross-fertilize ideas and further develop their potential beyond pure biophysics towards hot topics such as bioelectronic and biophotonic medicine and other bio-inspired technological applications in photonics and electronics. “Electrostatic, Electrodynamic and Electronic Properties of Biomolecular Systems” was the scientific subtitle of the event. Main specific topics covered were electrostatic, electrodynamic, vibrational and electronic properties of biomolecules and biomolecular nanostructures with the focus on proteins and DNA.

In the first part of the event, 9 speakers, experts in molecular biophysics, bioelectrochemistry and coherent processes in biology, presented the basic concepts of their individual fields as well as their current results. In the second part, the speakers were able to networking with the attendees and have in-depth discussions during the posters session. Finally, a brief tour to the laboratories of Bioelectrodynamics research team was provided.

Czech Republic 2The speakers we had were not only great researchers, but also great lecturers who can really attract and keep attention; so their talks were very enjoyable. We learned that this kind of event provides a great format for the exchange of scientific information as well as networking. The event was really a great way to meet new people. As an organizer, I personally met not only PIs and professors but also postdocs and PhD students.

We hope to organize similar event in the near future!

Were you at the Czech Republic Networking Event? Share your favorite part of the event in the comments below!


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