So…Why Should I Enter the Changing Our World Contest?

You write changing our worldproposals.  You run experiments. You keep track of your progress in your lab journal. You discuss with your lab mates.  You prepare  journal articles and submit them for publication.  Why?  What motivates you? What do you hope to find? Scientific discoveries are at the heart of our lives; what we eat, how we get around, how we communicate, and how we stay healthy.  Some of the discoveries are better known than others. Often, though, the public does not know the connection between the basic research being done by individuals like you, and the products or findings that result from that research many years down the road. That is why the Biophysical Society is asking you to create a short video highlighting a relatively recent biophysical research finding that has made the world a better place in some way for the Changing Our World Contest.  This is your chance to help people understand why what you, basic science researchers, do and why it is so critical. The Society will select up to three winners to receive a $1000 prize, and the top entry will have their video professionally produced.  The Society also plans to disseminate the winning entries widely to help make the case for science research. There is a week left to get your submission in…and a weekend ahead for you to get started.  Don’t delay—get started on your video today!

Read more about submission here:


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