Around Town

With #BPS15 more than halfway over, and attendees’ thoughts are invariably turning to #BPS16! However, I would like to urge those who haven’t had or taken the opportunity to explore Baltimore to do so before the end of the meeting.

The BPS annual meetings afford the chance to interact and exchange ideas with similar minded researchers from around the world.  The venues can also be stimulating, albeit in a less direct way.  Getting out of a routine and doing different things can be that catalyst.

Since arriving in Baltimore on Friday, we have each walked approximately sixty miles! The surrounding neighborhoods have many interesting places worth visiting.

Three adjoining neighborhoods, just a bit past the National Aqaurium, are East Harbor, Little Italy and Fell’s Point.  Having explored both quite a bit with the time available, I would recommend all as destinations for dining, entertainment, and shopping. Each has a somewhat distinct character.

Some of the best dining I have had in recent years has happened this week in these neighborhoods.
In no particular order – nor were they necessarily the “best” – are just three of my choices:

Mare Nostrum – Just recently opened, this Turkish-influenced restaurant was probably my biggest surprise on the trip (I’m not much into Mediterranean food,generally). It is located in in Fell’s Point. They don’t have a liquor license yet (byob), and the server told me they were somewhat slow at lunch, but I hope and expect they will do well once word gets out. I had a type of fantastic beef ravioli, which reminded me more of a beef stroganoff. Everyone else in our group was happy with their choices as well. The decor is elegantly rustic and modern at the same time and compliments the food nicely. I highly recommend you visit especially if you do like Mediterranean food.
Max’s Taproom – if you do want something to drink, or just some pub food, Max’s is a good bet. Also in Fell’s Point, they have an extensive beer selection, with over 120 on tap. The caveat is that this upcoming weekend is their annual Belgian beer festival, so as a result, many choices that they usually have aren’t available or in limited quantities. However, for the next few days, if lambics, ales and framboises are your thing, you’ll be in heaven.
The Sound Garden – Speaking of heaven, I found mine on Thames Street, specifically at number 1616. The sign out front says they were voted the number 2 record store by Rolling Stone magazine, and although that’s from a sadly diminishing field, I think the honor could be deserved even in better economic times. I spent quite a bit of time and money in there on two visits and was astonished at the low prices and depth of their stock. It’s definitely worth a trip if you’re looking for a physical copy of music or video and will maybe find something you didn’t know you wanted.
That’s all for now. I didn’t even mention the wonderful Italian cuisine, superlative sushi, or even budget food we had during our explorations. I urge you to find some of your own as well.
Please share your discoveries here if you will.