A scientific career outlook for graduate students

This is my first time coming to such a huge multi-disciplinary society meeting. Although being thrilled to share my findings with other biophysicists and getting exposed to such a rich variety of research topics, I often feel a bit overwhelmed by sheer amount information that is being presented at the same time. However, I did find my own inspiring moment at the Education, Minority Affairs, and Professional Opportunities for Women Committees Travel Awardee Reception, where all awardees were presented with their travel award. We got to talk to other awardees about our research, while sharing nice desserts together. Most of all, we listened to Dr. Linda Columbus’ personal story about entering the scientific field and maturing as a biophysics scientist. Her personal story made me realize that every successful scientist all share their moments of self-doubt and insecurity. However, it is their desire for scientific exploration and drive for success that helped them push through the difficult moments and make critical progress towards their present success.

As a graduate student, we have all been told so many times about the extreme challenges and near minimum probability of becoming academic research professors. It is disheartening some time to feel that the path that you are passionate about is somehow remote and obsolete. It is always to know that professors are also human beings, and they were once uncertain, however, driven graduate students as we are now. Hopefully, some day, we get to tell our personal stories to young graduate students and inspire them for a future career in scientific research.

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