Ask Sarah Bellum: Getting Ready to Lead



Professor Sarah Bellum answers your questions on navigating the often-uncharted waters of early career development. Professor Bellum is communicated by Patricia L. Clark, founder of the Early Careers Committee and a member of Council. Do you have a question for Professor Bellum? Send it to privacy is assured!

Getting Ready to Lead

Q: I’m a postdoc, but I received an email from the Biophysical Society asking if I would co-chair the platform session I am speaking in at the Annual Meeting! I recall the box to check on the abstract submission form about chairing a session, but I didn’t check it; I assumed chairing is only for professors. I’m flattered, but I have no idea what co-chairing entails. Should I wait until I meet my co-chair at the session to figure out what we are going to do?

A: First, congratulations! It is an honor to be asked…

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