BPS Brings together Biophysicists in the City of Legends

The first BPS sponsored networking event in St. John’s, Canada, which took place at Memorial University, was organized by, members Christopher Rowley, Erika Merschrod, Michael Morrow, and Valerie Booth; Memorial University. Bringing together over 25 participants, the Molecular Biophysics Symposium centered on the topic of membrane-protein interactions.


The symposium featured three talks. J.C. Gumbart, Gerogia Institute of Technology, presented insights into proteins that allow permeation across bacterial cell walls using molecular dynamic simulations. John Baenziger, University of Ottawa, discussed his work on how the lipid composition can affect the regulation of neuronal ion channels. Finally, Zoya Leonenko, University of Waterloo, presented data on how melatonin can change the properties of a lipid bilayer. There was also a poster session where participants were able to discuss their work and practice their presenting skills.

Despite being held on a Saturday morning, the attendees were very enthusiastic participants and were eager to present their research. The event served as a catalyst for students with very different scientific backgrounds to engage in spirited discussion and make new connections. Based on the success of the event, the organizers plan on hosting another event next year.

Were you at the Canada Networking Event? Let us know what you liked about the event in comments below!


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