Be the First BPS Congressional Fellow!

congressional_headerAre you interested in science policy? Intrigued by the ways of Washington?  Wondering how you can use your scientific expertise in ways other than in the lab?  Make sure you consider applying for the Biophysical Society’s Congressional Fellowship.  Applications are due October 14!

The Society is very excited to be sponsoring its first Fellow for the 2015-2016 year. The individual selected as the Fellow will work on Capitol Hill for one year in an office of his/her choosing and participate in the AAAS Congressional Fellowship Program, which has been around for over 40 years and has placed more than 1000 Fellows in Congress.

The Society’s leadership is very enthusiastic about getting involved in the AAAS program since it is more important than ever that policy makers have access to scientific and technical analysis on proposed legislation, and that scientists understand the legislative process.  While BPS members have participated in the AAAS program before, this is the first time members have the opportunity to apply through the Biophysical Society.

The fellowship is open to current BPS members who have been members since at least 2012, are US citizens and hold or will obtain a PhD by January 1, 2015.  This includes early career, regular, and emeritus members!  The fellowship can be done during a sabbatical year, or before or after a postdoctoral position.  Some past AAAS Fellows have used the opportunity to launch a new career path in science policy, while others have used it to improve their understanding of Capitol Hill, and then returned to the bench or industry positions.

For all the details and to access the application, visit the Society’s webpage.  Be sure to get started as soon as possible—there are only a few weeks left to apply.


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