Day 1: Great Talks and Food

Just got back to Stanford after a hectic day at the BPS meeting but I still have the energy to write this post!

I barely got on the 11:30am northbound Caltrain after I had slept a little too much last night. As I got a chance to catch my breath, I looked over the schedule of talks that I had printed out just the day before. The Nanoscale biophysics subgroup I had signed up for had some of the more interesting talks, but there were others that seemed more relevant for what I was doing in the lab. It was a dilemma deciding between all of them at the time!

One talk I’d like to highlight is Dr. Praveen Chowdary’s topic on “Cooperative Mechanics of Multi-Motor Axonal Transport Revealed by Novel Nanomanipulation in Live Neurons.” It was interesting that he used magnets to be able to quantify the velocities of particles involved with axonal transport. Althought it was on the shorter side, his slides were very clear and the videos he showed were quite intriguing. Here’s a picture of him!

Dr. Praveen Chowdary giving his talk on axonal transport.

Other talks that were all more-or-less equally interesting:

  • Nachury, Maxence – Movement of signaling receptors inside primary cilia
  • Lakadamyali, Melike – Quantitative super-resolution imaging of biological processes with high spatiotemporal resolution
  • Klumpp, Stefan – Tug-of-War: Mechanical coordination of molecular motors

After an entire afternoon of talks, there was free food! It was a satisfying ending to a day where I got a good glimpse at what other research groups are doing and had a chance to interact with some folks. Can’t wait for more tomorrow!


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