What’s that, a stomach growl?

A fellow blogger asked me today if I had any restaurant recommendations since I’m from San Francisco. Let me tell you, I have spent one too many 30 minutes between setting up a PCR and lunch reading Yelp reviews.

There are plenty of great restaurants around the conference center, but if anyone is suddenly in the mood for a-hole-in-the-wall, there-is-literally-no-room-to-eat-here (said in my best Chris Traeger voice) Asian fusion cuisine, I can offer a few suggestions.

Sushirrito – it’s all in the name

HRD Coffee Shop – what do kimchee and burritos have in common?

John’s Snack and Deli – does the term kim bap make you drool?

Curry Up Now (food truck)- deconstructed samosa, say what?

I won’t expound on any of these places since Yelp is pretty good at that.


One thought on “What’s that, a stomach growl?

  1. It probably counts as a “fancy hole in the wall” but I went to Super Duper Burger today and the burgers + garlic fries were excellent.

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