Ready, Set…Conference!

Well, my poster is off to the printers, my itinerary is set, and I’ve checked the forecast about 17 times… which means I am officially ready to leave the slushy streets of New York and fly west. I’ve got a Valentine’s date with San Francisco! That is, if my flight doesn’t get canceled…

I’m really looking forward to this Biophysics meeting, which will be my third time around. Back in 2011, I went to Baltimore all by myself and didn’t really talk to anyone (*sad trombone*). I presented a poster, but why I was really there was to find a job. So I took advantage of the resume-building seminar and the Biophysical Society Job Board and, to my utter shock, found my dream post-doc opportunity – a job in molecular neuropharmacology at Cornell Medical College in New York City! I thought there was no way that a random Canadian like me with a scant publication record would score such a position. But here I am, years later, toiling away in the most expensive city in North America, seeing weird things on the street, and smelling even weirder things on the subway… and having the time of my life.

Last year, I went to Philadelphia basically just to tag along with my colleagues and eat cheesesteaks. I succeeded in that. But I must say, now that I’m a vegetarian, I’m glad the conference is in San Francisco and not the home of meaty sandwiches.

This year, I really want to take this meeting by storm. I want to proudly present my data and solicit helpful feedback from my peers. I want to see more talks and maybe even summon up the courage to ask a question. I want to go to the career seminars and seriously ponder my future in science. I want to find the best of the best swag from the vendors. And most of all, I want popcorn. Endless little bags of popcorn.

Onward to Biophysics 2014!


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