A Few Thoughts before the Meeting

Hello everyone! It’s been quite a hectic quarter as a rotation student in the Moerner Lab, but things are about to heat up as the BPS meeting rushes towards our way. I’m very excited to give myself the chance to spend five days listening to talks and interacting with people from a wide variety of sub-fields. Personally, this is a wonderful opportunity to gain a better understanding for why so many scientists pursue biophysics research and how I can play a role within the scientific community in the near future.

I’m still trying to figure out who I’d like to hear from or what exactly I’ll be doing during the meeting, but I’m hoping that I can find the balance between having an itinerary and just going with the flow within some finite time. You’ll definitely find me with fellow members of the Nanoscale Biophysics subgroup, which I’ll be having dinner with Saturday evening. If any of the readers want me to post about a specific event, talk, or poster, I’d be happy to hear suggestions!

See you at the meeting!


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