BPS Members Host Another Successful Networking Event in Pennsylvania!

P1020820 copy

The third BPS networking event in Pennsylvania, which took place on Friday, October 4, at Pennsylvania State University, was organized by William Hancock and Sheereen Majd, Pennsylvania State University. Over 125 people from 15 different institutions, some coming from as far as Syracuse University, participated in the event.

The program consisted of eight oral presentations, focusing primarily on motors, cytoskeleton, and membranes. Speakers included Lu Bai, Pennsylvania State University; David Hackney, Carnegie Mellon University; Fred Sachs, SUNY in Buffalo; Anatoly Zaytsev, University of Pennsylvania; Sethil Perumal, Pennsylvania State University; Megan McClean, Princeton University; Paul Cremer, Pennsylvania State University; and Haim Bau, University of Pennsylvania. With over 60 poster presentations, students, young faculty, and postdocs also had a chance to share their research and gain exposure.

The organizers plan on having another event at a different institution next year.

If you attended the networking event in Pennsylvania, let us know in the comments below!


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