Biophysicists Network in La Crosse, Wisconsin


On October 19, sixty three biophysicists gathered at the University of La Crosse, Wisconsin for the Regional Biophysical Society Networking Event. BPS members, Jennifer Klein, Dan Grilley and Taviare Hawkins organized the event which brought together scientists, graduate and undergraduate students from the Midwest to discuss fundamental biological problems using biophysical techniques.

Organized into three mini symposia, the program featured seven speakers, a biophysics workshop session, as well as a poster session where students had the opportunity to share their research. The event focused on networking and collaborations within the Midwest with the goal to create and maintain connections while in bringing new ideas related to research and teaching.

Klein says, “Undergraduates are often under-exposed to biophysics, particularly in smaller colleges and universities. Networking events that include scientists at all levels is crucial for roping in enthusiastic and eager students who would thrive in our field.” The organizers hope to hold another networking event next year.


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