BPS Sponsors Poster Awards at the 9th EBSA Conference

The Biophysical Society recently participated in the 9th European Biophysical Societies Association (EBSA) Conference, held this year in Lisbon, Portugal. BPS sponsored a poster competition open to all students attending the meeting.  This was the third EBSA meeting at which the Biophysical Society held this competition, and a record 354 students participated this year.

The Society is grateful for the work of the judging committee: Yves Engelborghs (Chair), Felix Goni, Nuno Santos, Helmut Grubmuller, Laszlo Matyas, Catherine Royer, Ilpo Vattulainen, and Anthony Watts.  Not only was this the largest-ever number of presentations, but the judges also faced “an impressive level of science these competitors presented,” which made choosing the winners a very difficult task.

The twelve student winners of the 2013 Biophysical Society/EBSA poster competition each received a $500 travel award and a complimentary membership to the Biophysical Society.

The winners were Christian Braun, Sebastien Buchoux, Alejandro Cerrada, Andre Faustino, Justyna Kozlowska, Corinna Kramer, Remy Kusters, Ana Melo, Alessia Petrelli, Andrea Saponaro, Katarina Siposova, and Remi Veneziano. Congratulations to each of them!


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