Kicking Off the Sixth Summer Course in Biophysics

Last month, ten students from diverse academic and cultural backgrounds traveled from all over the country to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, marking the start of the NIGMS-funded Biophysical Society Summer Course.

These students will spend the next 11 weeks immersed in biophysics research, lectures, and seminars. Course Co-Directors Mike Jarstfer and Barry Lentz have set up a summer schedule including lectures by UNC faculty as well as seminars by visiting speakers. Outside of the classroom, students will spend their summer working in UNC research labs that they selected based on their own scientific interests. By the end of the summer, students will have spent enough time in the labs to have sufficient data for a poster presentation at a scientific conference, such as the Biophysical Society Annual Meeting.

The Summer Course in Biophysics is not all work and no play! Students will partake in field trips and social activities, such as a day trip to the beach, a minor league baseball game, Independence Day BBQs, and a team-building ropes course. A reunion for current and past Summer Course students is planned for the middle of the summer, where the current class will present their preliminary research to visiting alumni. Professional development sessions to help students plan their scientific career will be held periodically throughout the summer.

Meet the 2013 Summer Course students:

Summer Course - Augustine AjuoguAugustine Ajuogu
Northwest University



Summer Course - Daniel Cantu - double checkDaniel Cantu
Texas A&M, Corpus Christi



Summer Course - Jaime Ramirez

Jaime Ramirez
Rio Hondo College



Summer Course - Sean Helmueller

Shawn Helmueller
University of Minnesota, Duluth



Summer Course - Johnnie Wright

Johnnie Wright
Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis



Summer Course - Mariel Jimenez

Mariel Jimenez
University of Puerto Rico, Rio Pedras



Summer Course - Joe Kousouros

Joseph Kousouros
Hunter College



Summer Course - Quenton Bubb - double check

Quenton Bubb
Johns Hopkins University



Summer Course - Joshua Mannheimer

Josh Mannheimer
Colorado State University



Summer Course - Joe Park

Joseph Park
University of Florida, Gainesville




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