Bluegrass Molecular Biophysics Symposium Returns!

The 2nd Bluegrass Molecular Biophysics Symposium, held on Monday, May 20 at the University of Kentucky was organized by Trevor Creamer, Craig Vander Kooi, and IMG_2604Matthew Gentry, all from the University of Kentucky. One hundred people from numerous institutions, including the University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, University of Cincinnati, University of Tennessee, IUPUI, Miami University of Ohio, Ohio State University, Northeastern University of Illinois, Transylvania University, Georgetown College, and Wright State University registered for the symposium.

Attendees gathered to discuss molecular biophysics, with a focus on structural work. The large number of groups in the area working on this topic made the event a big draw – including a few people driving nearly seven hours just to attend!

Organizers recognized many faces from last year’s event, but were happy to meet new people as well. “I know several people, including myself, who not only made new contacts, but may also be developing new collaborations,” said Creamer. “We are hoping this can become an annual event that will rotate among the local institutions.”


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