Roadblock Molecules on the BiophysJ Cover

bpj_104_9_coverThe cover image for the 104th volume of Biophysical Journal aims to illustrate the complexity of proteins approaching and associating with DNA as they execute their regulatory genomic tasks. The question of how molecules that bind the DNA and block the way for proteins to propagate along DNA is challenging for many experimentalists and theoreticians.

The cover image was composed by collaborating and sharing our structural understanding of the problem and the participant molecules with creative minds at the graphics unit at the Weizmann Institute that assembled the impressive outcome. This image illustrates with simple concepts (i.e., brick wall, obstacle race) the possible effects of roadblock molecules for protein search on DNA as we found and describe in our research.

We are very pleased with the opportunity to illustrate our work in such an interesting and unique venue. We are most honored and excited by the fact that readers of the BiophysJ will be exposed to our project.

Readers can find additional details on our recent research in:

– Yaakov (Koby) Levy, Ph.D.


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