BPS Fellows Program Returns After a Break

Nominations are being accepted….Yes, it is that time of year again. The Biophysical Society is asking its members to nominate their colleagues, mentors, students, and members they admire from afar for eight different Society awards, including that of Fellow. After a one year hiatus, the Biophysical Society is once again accepting nominations for BPS Fellows.

Why the one-year break? The Society Awards Committee that has historically handled the nomination and selection process for all the Society awards found itself overwhelmed with the number of nominees for this award and in need of a clearer set of guidelines by which to evaluate candidates. During the break, an ad hoc subcommittee, chaired by Steven Block, Stanford University, developed a proposal to guide the selection and evaluation process of future fellows, which was approved by the Society’s Board and Council. That proposal included establishing a separate Fellows Committee charged with the solicitation and selection of Fellows.

So—are you a Society member? And do you know a BPS member in good standing who has demonstrated sustained scientific excellence in biophysics? Then nominate him/her to be a 2014 Fellow of the Biophysical Society!

To help committee members evaluate “sustained scientific excellence in biophysics,” the Fellows committee is asking nominators to submit support letters, the candidates CV, a list of the 10 most important papers the nominee has published, a short statement summarizing the nominee’s overall contributions and impact, and a one-sentence citation that could be used in the award announcement .

Sure, it will take a little effort, but what a great way to honor someone whose work you admire and find inspirational!

For the full description of the award and to submit a nomination, visit the BPS website. Nominations are due May 1.

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