2013 National Lecture Now Available on YouTube!

One of the highlights of the Biophysical Society’s Annual Meeting is the National Lecture, the highest award given each year. National Lecturers, who are selected by the Society’s President, have the opportunity to talk about their science to the Society at-large, which means giving a talk that is interesting and comprehensible to scientists working in a wide variety of sub-disciplines. In surveys, attendees say that the National Lecture is one of their favorite events at the meeting, and this year was no different. Karolin Luger, Colorado State University, delivered a great talk on “The Making and Breaking of Nucleosomes,” February 4 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Society is pleased to be able to share a video recording of that talk with you, as well as past Annual Meeting National Lectures. We encourage individuals unable to attend the meeting to watch the video. We also encourage you to use the lecture as a teaching tool in your classes. Since the talk is more general in nature than most meeting presentations, it is a great resource to introduce a new topic, as well as a successful scientist to students!
We would love to hear how you have used the National Lecture recordings. Please share in the comments below!


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