A week of ‘FRET’ing with all the biophysicist….

The week of featured  presentation sessions, interspersed by keynotes, highlight presentations and poster sessions. I was surprised to discover that the field of biophysics/imaging has moved on from traditional sequence analysis to more of a structural-biology approach; there was a lot of focus on protein interaction networks.

The keynote presentations were all stimulating and highly engaging, even though they were all quite far removed from my own day-to-day research. Personally I found the poster presentations very interesting.

Interesting tips to be considered on board for the next meet:

1) If you are presenting a poster, take printouts of your poster and/or paper and hang them up in a folder as handouts alongside your poster. And print a LOT of copies. I printed 15 copies; only put 10 in the folder during the first day, and they were all gone by the early afternoon. By lunchtime the next day, even my extra supplies were gone, and my poster session hadn’t even taken place yet!! Next time I’ll go for something like 30 or 40 copies. Even that might not be enough…

2) Put your contact information in a large font on your poster. People will want to know who you are, where you come from and how they can contact you — even when you aren’t actually there to tell them this information.

3) Read through the schedule and the list of poster titles very carefully, as soon as you get them in your conference package. Mark the talks you want to go to, and the posters you want to visit. The conference programme is likely to be very packed, and you will have to make quick decisions on what to attend.

4) Make a Twitter account, if you don’t have one. Live tweeting at conferences is often encouraged, there’s usually a hashtag, or several.

5) Conferences are tiring. Don’t overdo the partying! 😉

I once again wish all the participants and the organizers a warm appreciation and keep the clock ticking until BPS 2014………


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