Science III (part1)

This conference has shown to be a cornucopia of interesting data regarding membrane curvature sensing/deformation, especially regarding amphipathic helices and N-BARs, as are my specific metier.

Hence, we find ourselves constantly inspired and challenged by results and methods from other labs. At this conference, it has shown surprisingly easy to locate and meet like-minded scientists at posters or after talks. In addition, most people, whether they are contenders, future collaborators or just scientists with similar problems, have shown very prepared to spend their scarce free-time, and combine e.g. Lunch with scientific discussions.
Yesterday I had the pleasure of engaging Kathrine Ward in a semi-friendly cross-fire regarding her oligomerization-assays, which we were considering assing to our own methodology….

…and today she retaliated at my poster, in quest for a curvature sensing similar to the one we are employing in collaboration with Dimitrios Stamou

continued in part2 as wordpress is not get compatible with iPad


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