Hi everyone! Last day at the meeting!!! Time to go back home and start working on all the exciting ideas you have gotten in this conference? I think so 🙂

I hope everyone coming to the national lecture enjoyed the talk of Dr. Karolin Luger about her work on the structure and function of nucleosomes. Besides all the amazing sciences, I appreciated Dr. Luger’s point on mentorship. As a graduate student that has a chance to mentor a number of undergraduate students, I do feel the importance of my job in nurturing and inspiring the new generation of scientists. As a researcher-in-training, I appreciate all the encouragements and supports from all my graduate fellows, postdocs and most importantly, my supervisors. To me, this is the important momentum to push science forward. So if you are a graduate student reading this blog, don’t forget that your job is not to only do good science, but also to encourage and mentor undergraduate students 🙂 !!

As for my schedule today, I will swing by the ROCKY STEPS and Philadelphia Museum of Arts before flying back to Canada. I want to thank the Biophysical Society for bringing us such a great conference with a lot of learning and fun. I enjoyed watching all the biophysicists getting crazy on the dance floor at the reception! I am looking forward to the next meeting in San Francisco with a lot more exciting events!!

If you ever visit Ontario, Canada, please do not hesitate to contact me! If you ever feel interested in mitochondrial transport or membrane protein work, please contact our lab!!


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