How to do it like a Biophysicist?

With my limited experience of attending the BPS annual meeting, I made certain observations of how biophysicists do things. Please feel free to let me know if my observations are inaccurate!

How to attend talks/poster sessions like a biophysicist?

Run! Just run across the halls, rooms and the ballrooms to make the most of the meeting while going through the schedule to see where to run next!

How to eat like a Biophysicist?

Spend time browsing through all the available food choices (for this meeting: at the Reading terminal market/Chinatown) and then quickly pack your lunch and run to the next talk. Alternatively you can find a nice place to sit and eat while going through the schedule book to figure out what events to attend.

How to walk like a Biophysicist?

Look cool while trying to juggle carrying your backpack, the BPS tote, assorted free stuff and a poster. And don’t forget your badge!

How to dance like a Biophysicist?

Get funky on the dance floor.


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