The Biomolecular Dome – Biophysics up close and personal!

The 15-minute experience is well worth it!

You enter an inflatable womb-like dome; you lie down and are taken on an educational journey fuelled by stunning visuals that bring viruses and cells to life all around you. The science is explained concisely through very clear narratives that span a variety of topics:

Viruses for Good and Evil

Ribosomes: Crossroads of Biology, Chemistry and Mechanics

NANOPLANET: An Expedition to the Cell

The Rod Sensory Cilium and Its Disruption in Retinal Neurodegeneration

How HIV Replicates

Tryapanosomes: Their Flagella and How They Move

Which were your favourites? Mine had to be learning about ‘How HIV replicates’ while listening to Nine Inch Nails!


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