Social II

“Who’s got it better than us?!”
…unfortunately Ravens did yesterday. But what a game, and how fantastic it was to experience it at a bar in Philadelphia during normal day hours. Though NFL is growing in popularity in dk, it is still very different to see it with the locals.
To our surprise it also seems that even though everybody at the bar was there for the SuperBowl, not everybody was there for the game.
A group of girls at a table to our right was not cheering for 49ers or Ravens, but was giving it all up for Beyonce, and went dancing and singing ecstatic when the rest of Destiny’s child appeared on stage.

A guy at the table in front of us was cheering for the commercials and took his toilet, bar and smoking breaks while the game was on, where I suppose the lines have also been much smaller. Though I found it weird, he appeared not-to o-looney, and we got him to take a photo of us all


As most of you have probably already guessed, the picture was taken while SF49 was making a historic comeback, in what would have been known as the “power outage scandal SuperBowl”, had they completed it.
Unfortunately, they didn’t, but on the bright side we won’t have to go a year listening to whining Ravens players and fans, complaining about how their concentration went out as the stadium lights in the roof, and how it remained in the dark almost throughout the rest of the game.
Tonight is the great galla-fiesta with music, and we are looking forward to meet our respected scientific colleagues under more cosy conditions.
We are all five hoping to get some nice company and maybe a dance or two, but I can reveal that Simon is actually quite the ballroom-dancer, and is just waiting for an opportunity to show his moves, so girls….
…don’t be shy, come bid him up 🙂
See you there



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