Social I

So, our little group of Danish vikings finally got re-united Friday evening, which was celebrated with a beer and our first Philly Cheese steak… So thick and nice that we all met in the gym next morning to clear our conscience and get energy for the science-subgroups (see Science 1 blog for resume). The program is packed, and some talks you need to be in good time for. However, this should not be exaggerated..

After the sessions, we had some of the free food in the Hall, which was based on the three typical cornerstones of Philly food; 1) Meat 2) Cheese 3) Cream and 4) more meat. It was nice, but heavy.
So, when we thereafter went for dinner at a nice steak-house around 2nd and Market St., and got overwhelmed by the steak-sizes, we called of any other activities and went back to the hotel to sleep and digest, and I’m pretty sure we all heard our madras moan.

From left; me, Morten, Simon, Kenneth and Christian.
In a few hours the SuperBowl is coming up, and I’m now trying to please my body with yoghurt parfait and a salad, before we are most definitively gonna have more Meat, Cheese and other things at the “Field House sports bar”, which is situated right beneath the convention center.
We are going there around 18. Come join us, it is gonna be a blast.


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