Science I

The advantage of being people with common field of interest, but with different background become quite emergent at a conference with a diverse program as the BPS. Here we can achieve the
Fx, we experienced a small co-ordination crisis today around 2:45pm, where three talks appeared highly interesting, so we split up, and:
Kenneth (human biologist) went to hear about a post-doc talk on <internalized protein with single molecule tracking>. Simon (NMR-guy) went to Eggeling’s talk about <lipid-protein membrane organization with super-resolution>. Morten (SAXS-man) and Christian (biophysicist) went to somthing I don’t understand, while I (molecular biologist) hurried directly from two very interesting talks about alpha-synuclein, an amphipathic helix pepitaternet, which really seems to she’s light on the relation between curvature sensing and formation, to reach Volker Haucke’s talk about synaptic vesicle exo/endo-cytosis.
In the same subject James Rothman gave one of these hypnotizing talks that only giants with many years in the field can do. He made everything appear so coherent and logical, that it was almost a question why it had taken so long to get there. It was very impressive.
Likewise was the talk of John Briggs. All 5 from the lab gathered here to witness this down-to-earth and humble scientist presenting an ingenious utilization of a new combination of two common techniques, EM and confocal microscopy. Their idea to resolve the consecutive recruitment of adapter proteins in endocytosis and correlate with the membrane shape measured with EM, was carried out thoroughly. It was just as inspiring as we had all hoped…
…and in this writing moment, he has just taken the seat next to me in the great Ball-room, so i’ll stall the scientific update for new, and direct my inquiries directly to the source.
To be continued…..
Image(In direct communication he appears just as Down-to-earth and insightful as on stage. It is good to find, that even at a conference with more than 3600 people, and where internet is an ustable illusion, it is still possible to get directly in touch with the specific people you share interest with)


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