Be prepared for BPS 2013…

… With a map of all the restaurants you want to try nearby your hotel!

As the proclaimed cheesesteak expert of the guest blogging group, I feel compelled to share my personal culinary travel plans with all of you.

Here, I have compiled for your knowledge (& gastronomic pleasure) A MAP with the locations and hours of notable cheesesteak establishments in downtown Philly! Although as you may have guessed, unfortunately, none of these restaurants are offering deals with your BPS tag… Most are within 2 mi of the Convention Center and all are accessible by public transportation! I hear Philadelphia is also a very bike-friendly city, so consider renting to take in the scenery while you pedal to the cheesy goodness.

Because I usually only eat meat for special occasions (like BPS!), and I realize many attending are vegetarian, I have included vegetarian and vegan options. Disclaimer: My source is Yelp for all of these restaurants, so I am trusting the discerning public with their rankings. That said, many of the vegan and vegetarian options appear to be quite satisfactory to carnivores, so consider trying one of them! I have also included two traditional restaurants (and I only mean traditional in the sit-down sense) that I hope to try, both with excellent ratings albeit heftier pricetags.

Those familiar with Philadelphia may notice that I excluded the big name cheesesteak establishments, Geno’s and Pat’s. I have been to them before and they are interesting from a tourist standpoint but there are many other alternatives to try. Of course, I can update you on my rankings as the week develops! Also, I should note that the best cheesesteak I’ve had to date was a homemade elk-steak number with nacho cheese (& yes I realize that it may be stereotypical for a Coloradan to be eating elk, but there it is).

So, as you make those last-minute preparations for BPS 2013, don’t neglect your stomach! And if you find yourself buying cheesesteaks for breakfast, take my advice and don’t eat the whole thing at once otherwise you’re going to end up in a cheese coma instead of hearing about cutting-edge science!

Feel free to let me know if there are any restaurants you plan on trying, or if any of my recommendations are not worth it (or worse, closed!). (Michelle is not a member of any Greater Philadelphia Cheesesteak Consortium and is not planning on purchasing stocks or holdings in any of the above-mentioned proprietary establishments within 30 days of this writing 🙂


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