A Unique Educational Opportunity: Exhibitor Presentations at the Annual Meeting

Exhib. Blog Image

Check out a presentation from one of these exhibiting companies!

You are planning your schedule for the Annual Meeting, and you come across a listing for an exhibitor presentation. You may not give the session much attention because you are a student and don’t have a budget to buy equipment, the exhibitor’s product is not something you currently use in your lab, or you already have the equipment and aren’t in the market to buy a second.

Society members who have attended these presentations in the past suggest you give these sessions a second look! Members of CPOW and the Early Careers Committee have found that exhibitor presentations provide an excellent opportunity for meeting attendees to learn about the possibilities a new piece of equipment can bring to your research as well as the nuts and bolts of how to use the high tech equipment. You can ask as many questions as you want without taking up the time of your labmate, PI, or colleague, and learn from someone who knows the instrument better than anyone!

There are 15 exhibitor presentations scheduled to take place during the 2013 Meeting. Give the descriptions a second glance and see if one will provide you with a unique learning opportunity!

View the full schedule of exhibitor presentations online and schedule your entire meeting through the Itinerary Planner.


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