What’s New and Notable for 2013?

One of the highly anticipated symposia at the Biophysical Society Annual Meeting each year is the New and Notable Symposium, where recently chosen speakers highlight the latest and greatest findings in biophysical research. Almost all of the speakers for the other symposia and workshops are invited to present at the Meeting a year in advance, to allow BPS to advertise the program to potential attendees and to ensure that some of the most well-known researchers are asked before they make other plans. To accommodate the need to schedule in advance, but also make sure that attendees have the opportunity to hear about some of the newest research findings, the Society selects speakers for the New and Notable Symposium only a month or two before the meeting.

Of course, it is impossible for the program committee of 9 people to know about all the late breaking interesting work going on in the numerous sub-disciplines of biophysics. To ensure that the most interesting are chosen, the committee casts a wide net, inviting all current Society members to nominate individuals – or themselves – to speak in this symposium.

All current regular members received an email inviting these nominations in early November, which are due December 3, 2012. All nominators will be notified shortly thereafter of the final selections. If you know of research that should be presented during this symposium, don’t be shy—send in your nomination using the link provided in the email! Only nominations submitted via the link included in that email will be considered. Please note, nominated speakers do not need to be registered or have submitted an abstract for the Meeting – they just need to have innovative research to share.

Be sure to mark your calendars—the New and Notable Symposium will take place Sunday, February 3, from 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM in the Pennsylvania Convention Center.


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