Quality Biophysics on Display at Pennsylvania Networking Event

Photo by: Christa Neu, Lehigh University

The second regional meeting of the Biophysical Society in Pennsylvania, titled “Physics and Chemistry of Biological Systems,” took place on Friday, September 14 on the mountaintop campus of Lehigh University. We were happy to see the meeting grow to 132 participants, with a large percentage of undergraduate and graduate students. The participants, representing 23 institutions, traveled to the meeting from as far as Virginia Tech and Rochester Institute of Technology.

The program’s eight oral presentations (six invited and two junior researchers selected from submitted abstracts) covered broad areas in biophysics and were complimented for their quality. More than 70 poster presentations provided opportunities for participants to present their research and establish connections. The meeting took place on a beautiful day in the Lehigh Valley, concluding with a keynote address by Thomas Sakmar of Rockefeller University.

We would like to thank our sponsors, Photon Technology International, Semrock, the Provost’s Office, the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Physics at Lehigh University.

Thanks to all who attended, and helped make the meeting a success for a second time! We hope to be able to meet once again next year at another institution in Pennsylvania.

– Dimitrios Vavylonis, Damien Thevenin


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