New from the BiophysJ: Emerging Biophysical Technologies and New & Notable

You may have noticed some new things happening at Biophysical Journal. With each new issue, some papers are being highlighted as New & Notable or as an Emerging Biophysical Technology. These tags make it easy for you identify some of the groundbreaking and best research coming out of BiophysJ.

What is a New & Notable you ask?

This figure was published in Biophysical Journal as part of the article “Protein-Protein Interactions in Calcium Transport Regulation Probed by Saturation Transfer Electron Paramagnetic Resonance” by James et. al

New & Notables (N&N) are commentaries that are published about a current paper in the Journal. Papers are identified as N&N when reviewers are very enthusiastic about a paper and think it is one of the best papers they have read. Journal subscribers can view the latest N&N here.

And what about Emerging Biophysical Technologies?

Emerging Biophysical Technologies (EBT) are selected by editors and highlight new physics-based methods. Methods papers can be of great significance to the field of biophysics andBiophysJ highlights these with a two sentence description to give you, the reader, a quick overview of why this new method is important. Journal subscribers can view the latest Emerging Biophysical Technologies online here.

When asked, Les Loew, Editor-in-Chief of Biophysical Journal, had this to say about the

This figure was published in Biophysical Journal as part of the article “Cellular Response to Heat Shock Studied by Multiconfocal Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy” by Kloster-Landsber et. al

importance of highlighting these types of papers in the Journal –“N&Ns have been published in the past; the difference now is that the Editors and I are actively soliciting them when we see an exciting paper. We feel that these short (1-2 page) micro-reviews help the broad readership of the Journal appreciate important advances that may be outside their own area of expertise. Importantly, they are all written by acknowledged volunteer experts in the field of the paper, who can describe the impact of the paper within a broader biophysics context. They are not written by the authors of the original paper. I am really gratified by how readily it has been possible to secure these (on very short notice) from our volunteer contributors. EBTs are generally just two sentences long and are written by one of the Editors to appear in the Table of Contents. Because new methods can have such a broad impact on future research, we feel that innovative new technological advances deserve the special attention of the Biophysical Journal readership.”


View the latest issue of Biophysical Journal online here – including highlighted papers that are available to everyone for free. Don’t forget–Society Members can publish in BiophysJ at a reduced cost and receive free online color figures!

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