HELP! Abstracts are Due Tomorrow and I Don’t Know How To…

As the abstract deadline for the Biophysical Society’s 57th Annual Meeting gets closer, we at the Society office get lots of calls and emails to the tune of “HELP! How do I…?” To help save you some last-minute stress, here are some frequently asked questions about abstract submission. If you don’t see your question here or if you need any assistance at all, do not hesitate to contact the Society office at (240)-290-5600 or

When is the deadline to submit an abstract?
Abstracts are due on October 1, 2012.

Do I need to be a Society member to submit an abstract?
Yes and no. You can either be a 2013 Society member or find a member to sponsor you. You cannot submit an abstract unless you or your sponsor is a BPS member, with dues paid for 2013! You can join the Society or renew your membership on the BPS website.

I am not a Society member, how can I find a sponsor?
Many times the easiest way to find a sponsor is to talk to colleagues at your institution or a neighboring institution. The Society Membership Directory is a convenient way to find Society Members near you. Only emeritus, regular or early career members can sponsor abstracts. Access the Directory online here.

Is there a cost to submit an abstract?
Yes, the abstract submission fee is $60 and is non-refundable.

Can I revise my abstract once it has been submitted?
Yes. Abstract revisions will be accepted until Friday, October 5. As long as you have opened an account by October 1, you will be able to edit your submission until October 5.

I want to submit an abstract, but I can’t remember my login and password.
Your login in is most likely your email address. If you do not know your password, you will see a button that says ‘Click here if you have forgotten your password’. Your password will then be emailed to you. You may also contact the Society Office for your login information at or by phone at 240-290-5600.

Can I register for the Annual Meeting when I submit my abstract?
Yes, take advantage of the combo fee, which includes abstract submission and registration to the Annual Meeting and provides you with a small discount. Please note that the combo fee is non-refundable.

I want to present my research in a platform session at the Meeting. How can I do that?
Platform session speakers are selected by the Society Program Committee from the abstracts submitted by the October 1 deadline. If your abstract is not selected for a platform session it will automatically be programmed as a poster session. More information about Platform sessions is available on our website.

I am a Subgroup speaker and want to submit an abstract for my talk. Can I submit and self-sponsor another abstract?
Yes, abstracts submitted from Subgroup session speakers do not count against you. If you are a Society member, you may submit a second abstract without needing a sponsor.

I want to apply for a Travel Award or participate in the SRAA Competition. Do I need to submit an abstract?
Yes, both of these require you to submit an abstract by the October 1 deadline. Check out this blog for Travel Award FAQs, or our website for information on the SRAA Poster Competition.

When and how will I be notified of acceptance? When will I be notified that I’ve been selected for a talk?

The Biophysical Society Office will email abstract scheduling notices to presenting authors only in late November. The presenting author holds the responsibility of notifying all authors on the abstract of the scheduling.


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