Here’s the Skinny on BPS Local Networking Events

Networking in New YorkThe Biophysical Society’s Membership Committee is now accepting applications from members interested in holding a local gathering of biophysicists in the coming year. The event could be a talk, a poster session, a tea…it could be on a science topic or a professional development topic. It could be casual or formal—your choice!

The point of the events is to get BPS members together where they work and live. Biophysicists are spread across departments at most universities, thus department meetings do not provide this kind of networking opportunity the way they do in other disciplines. Biophysics is interdisciplinary, after all! In addition, you may live in an area with several colleges and universities and a BPS networking event could be the reason you finally do get together with your colleagues across town.

Last year the Society sponsored six events. Some were for an afternoon, others for a Themed event in Memphisweekend.  All were well-received by the participants and offered a chance to step outside of the lab and see what was going on in the field right around the corner.

Send in your proposal today! Applications can be found on the Society’s website by clicking here. The deadline to apply is October 12, 2012.


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